Some thoughts on trolls and “troll generals”

This is an interesting blog post on the role of commentators as “generals” of troll armies.  I have identified a number of high profile “personalities” as trolls in the past (including both Hopkins and Morgan – both mentioned in this article) but this author is right, they aren’t trolls so much as the ones setting the trolls on people.

(As an aside, I recall the response Ainsley Hayes gave in the West Wing to being told that she would be a “star” while “making these people [the White House] look bad, and look good doing it.  Her response was that you used to have to be able to sing or dance to be a star – pretty much my entire view of modern celebrity encapsulated in a tiny scene!)

This by Ryan Holiday is excellent in showing that these trolls generate outrage by design.  It is not a byproduct of their work, it is the reason for doing it.  Outrage feeds their followers and makes them more famous.  Stop buying into it, stop feeding the trolls!


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