PR = relationship building

“At its core, public relations is about relationships” – this quote from a blog post about PR practitioners as professional connectors got me hooked into reading the rest of it.  I have said many times before that the value I bring is as much about my ability to build and sustain relationships, and build connections between them, as much as my ability to write clearly about things I knew nothing about the week before.

This, by Aaron Mcloughlin, is a discussion about a chart showing the opportunity points for influencing EU legislation and is a really good read.  It is however, applicable to almost anywhere, mutatis mutandis.  Taken more broadly, it is fundamentally about understanding the legislative or regulatory process of your chosen legislature/executive in order to understand when you are best able to get your point across.  

Legislation, in particular, builds up a head of steam as it moves through the stages and getting course corrections in at later stages is difficult, if not nigh on impossible.

This article, on applying Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage to your own work, is really interesting.  Reminded me a little of Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism. 


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