Reading on Sunday 22 January

The Dissenting Radical blog is always good, especially in talking about constitutions (this is the author’s academic specialism) but also in politics generally – from a radical Christian left perspective.  His old blog post “Why I am not a conservative” is a brilliant expose of how the labels we apply to political parties are very often no reflection of their actual makeup.  This latest post, “Conservatives against Trump”, has a more American focus and asks, quite rightly, where are all the old-school WASP conservatives that used to run the GOP?

I spend a bit of time each week reading about writing.  As writing is a big part of my job, it is only right that I seek to keep improving.  The Doris and Bertie blog never fails to disappoint.  “Empathy mapping” is about trying to get inside the head of your reader which, given all that we know about psychology, framing and the way people interpret what they read, is crucial.

I am one of those rare breed, a former civil servant who is still (relatively) young!  I still read Civil Service World though as I haven’t vacated the government sphere just yet.  I was reading this article, about Trump’s inauguration and administration transitions, and was struck by the point made at the end about informal lines of power that don’t show up on organograms.  It is always worth considering the networks within which power brokers sit.


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