Reading on Saturday 21 January

“Theory of Change: offence v defence” by the ever-thoughtful Duncan Green is good on how to achieve change.  Three main points – language matters (the work of George Lakoff is important here), coalitions matter so don’t make enemies you don’t have to, and finally change can happen fast or slow and building from the ground up may take longer but can lead to much more sustainable change.

In more “language matters” news, this article is worrying – “In Germany, the language of Nazism is no longer buried in the past”.  Framing is important – how we think affects how we react to specific words but, conversely, the language we use affects how we think.

Yesterday, I mentioned Stoicism in relation to an article about more positive ways of thinking about events. Just so happened that a couple of old articles about Stoicism popped up on my timeline so  anybody interested can have a read of this by Ryan Holiday, “How would the Stoics cope today?” and two articles suggesting books to read, “The best books on Stoicism” and “Beginners guide to Stoicism”.


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